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This journal is an international journal publishing original research papers, short communications, review articles, case studies and technical data on biomass and renewables utilization for energy and material sources.

Key areas covered by this journal are:

Biomass and Renewables Resources

  • Biological residues including wood and agricultural residues, agricultural waste water, food scraps and municipal wastes
  • Energy crops including wood, grass and microbes
  • Solar, wind, seawater and geothermal energy resources

Biomass and Renewables Conversion Processes

  • Biomass direct use processes including thermal and physical processing
  • Biomass indirect use processes including saccharification and fermentations, thermochemical conversions to gases and liquids
  • Conversion processes for solar, wind, seawater, geothermal energy resources

Biomass and Renewables Utilization

  • Biomass direct combustion including internal combustion engine
  • Biomass indirect use including gasification, electricity production, power production, chemical processes, and by-product remediation
  • Biomass material use such as biorefinery and oleo-chemistry
  • Utilization processes for solar, wind, seawater, geothermal energy resources

Logistic, Economic and Environmental Issues

  • Logistics, Carbon balance, LCA analysis, Bioenergy and renewable energy system, Environmental impact
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Editorial Board


Prof. Dr. Yoshimitsu Uemura


Assoc. Prof. Dr Anita Binti Ramli, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Dr Lam Man Kee, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS 

Malaysian Editors

  • Prof. Dr. Masaharu Komiyama, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Prof. Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Prof. Dr. Thanabalan Murugesan, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Prof. Dr. Muhd Fadhil Nuruddin, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Prof. Ir. Dr. Suzana Yusup, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • AP Dr. Shuhaimi Mahadzir, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • AP Dr. Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • AP Dr. Hussain H. Al-Kayeim, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Dr. Noridah Osman, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Mr. Mohamed Noor Rosli Baharom, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Prof. Dr. Sharifah Bee Ahmad Hamid, Universiti Malaya
  • Prof. Dr. Nor Aishah Saidina Amin, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Prof. Dr. Azni Idris, Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • AP Dr. Thomas Choong, Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmad Faris Ismail, International Islamic University of Malaysia
  • Prof. Ir. Dr. Abd Halim Shamsuddin, Universiti Tenaga National


International Editors

  • Prof. Dr. Yoshimitsu Uemura
  • Prof. Dr. Katsuki Kusakabe, Sojo University, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Yukihiko Matsumura, Hiroshima University, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Shigeharu Morooka, Fukuoka University, Japan & Kyushu University, Japan (Emeritus)
  • Dr. Kinya Sakanishi, AIST, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Akiyoshi Sakoda, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Toshio Tsutsui, Kagoshima University, Japan
  • AP Dr. Md Azhar Uddin, Okayama University, Japan
  • Dr. Tamara Dudauri, Agrarian University of Georgia


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