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Issue No.Vol. No. 1 Issue No. 1 - Publication Year 2012

AuthorNor Aishah Saidina AminMailin MissonRoslindawati HaronMohd Fadhzir AhmadWan Nor Nadyaini Wan OmarKok-giap Haw

Article TitleBio-oils And Diesel Fuel Derived From Alkaline Treated Empty Fruit Bunch (efb)

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Release Date17-07-2012


In this work, EFB was chemically pretreated with different sodium hydroxide (NaOH) concentration. Pyrolysis was conducted in the presence of HZSM-5 after the pretreatment step to assess the effects of pretreatment process on bio-oil production. Conversions of EFB were reported to be 61wt%, 47wt% and 42wt%, after pretreatment with 5wt%, 15wt% and 25wt%, NaOH concentrations, respectively. Furthermore, the pretreatment has effectively improved the bio-oil quality by reducing or even eliminating undesired products. Besides, biomass structure was dissembled and converted to valuable compounds after upgrading the bio-oil with improved quality.

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