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Issue No.Vol. No. 2 Issue No. 1 - Publication Year 2013

AuthorHitomi MiyazakiMasato EzakiKatsuki KusakabeGuoqing GuanaYoshimitsu Uemura

Article TitleContinuous Production Of Biodiesel From Waste Cooking Oil By A Two-step Process With Microtube Reactors

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Release Date25-07-2013


In order to produce biodiesel continuously from waste cooking oil (WCO), a two-step process with microtube reactors (MRs) was developed. Esterication of fatty acid using acid catalyst proceeded in the first MR and then, the acid methanol phase as well as produced water was continuously separated from the oil phase in a simple separation cell, and finally, the oil phase flowed into the second MR for the transesterication of the remained triglyceride using KOH catalyst. It is found that the acidic methanol phase can be separated from the oil phase using a simple separation cell located downstream of the first MR in a short period. FAME yield reached 99.3 % at a total residence time of 46.2 min with a reaction temperature of 333 K, when WCO containing 14 mol% of free fatty acid was converted in the two-step reaction system composed of a first MR with 5000 mm length and a second MR with 1000 mm length.

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