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Issue No.Vol. No. 1 Issue No. 2 - Publication Year 2012

AuthorKelly RossDavid Godfrey

Article TitleEffect Of Extractives On The Thermal Decomposition Of Wheat, Triticale, And Flax Crop Residues: A Kinetic Study

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Release Date31-12-2012


A kinetic study was performed using the Kissinger and Coats-Redfern methods to examine the e­ect of extractives on thermal decomposition of three crop residues, wheat straw, triticale straw and ‑ax shives. The extractives-free crop residues required higher temperatures for the onset of thermal decomposition than the corresponding native/unextracted samples. Activation energy (Ea) values varied according to kinetic analysis and the extractives-free samples generally showed signicantly higher Ea values (65-214 kJ.mol-1) than the native/unextracted samples (58-205 kJ.mol-1). This information is necessary for dening the use of crop residues as agro-llers in composite materials and feedstock for bioenergy and biochemical via pyrolysis.

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