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Issue No.Vol. No. 3 Issue No. 2 - Publication Year 2014

AuthorKazuyuki DobashiTakahiro SuetomiShiori FukudaMiki Hattori

Article TitleIsolation Of Natural Pigment Norbadione A From A Gastromycete Fungus In Japanese Pine Woods-possible Applications To The Environmental Decontamination Of Radioactive Cesium

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Release Date31-12-2014


A significant amount of pigment was isolated from a mycorrhizal fungus collected from a pine forest in Japan. The pigment was identified as norbadione A (NBA) by NMR spectrometry. Morphological characterization of the fungus and SEM observation of their basidiospores suggested the fungus was identified as Pisolithus sp. After solvent extraction and simple purification steps, NBA made up over 10% of the mushroom’s dry body weight. NBA is known to form Cs ion complexes more selectively compared to other alkali metal ions. The authors passed NBA through a Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) column, and the NBA supported SPE column underwent Cs ion adsorption and desorption experiments. The column was shown to adsorb Cs in diluted aqueous solution, as well as successfully recover the Cs ion with diluted hydrochloric acid. The results suggest that an NBA supported SPE system can be a potential option for decontamination of radioactive pollution caused by nuclear plant accidents.

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