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Issue No.Vol. No. 3 Issue No. 2 - Publication Year 2014

AuthorOlutola O. Bob SoileTaiwo Oladele Owoyokun

Article TitleOil Production From Kraft Lignin Via Thermochemical Liquefaction Using Ru/aly(sio4)x Catalyst

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Release Date31-12-2014


Thermochemical liquefaction of Kraft lignin using Ru/Aly(SiO4)x catalyst produced oil at 300, 350 and 375°C under 40 atm. hydrogen,

40 atm carbon monoxide, inert 40 atm. N2 atmosphere and under vacuum (20 mmHg). The effect of temperature and atmospheric

condition on carbon based yield(%yield), carbon based conversion( %conversion), mass of carbon and hydrogen recovered as oil

(%CHR), H/C and O/C atomic ratio of oil parameters were studied. %yield (94.30}0.05), carbon based conversion (75.60}0.01) and

%CHR (60.50}0.05) were highest at 375 °C under vacuum. ANOVA showed that all the parameters at different atmospheres and

only %yield, %conversion and %CHR at different temperatures varied significantly. Oil of best quality was obtained at 375 °C under


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