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Issue No.Vol. No. 4 Issue No. 2 - Publication Year 2015

AuthorBoodsakorn KongsomartLiuyun LiTakayuki Takarada

Article TitlePreparation Of Activated Carbons From Teak Sawdust Using Chicken Dropping Compost And Empty Fruit Bunch

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Release Date29-12-2015


In this paper, the preparation of the activated carbon (ACs) from teak sawdust (TS) biomass mixed with chicken dropping compostash (CCA) and empty fruit bunch ash (EFBA) as activating agents were studied. The carbonization was done in pure N2 and N2/CO2stream gases by temperature variations between 600 to 1000°C. The concentration of CO2 in N2/CO2 gas was varied from 2 to 10%.The specific surface area (SSA) of TS mixed with CCA (1:1 wt%) carbonized at 1000°C in N2 and N2/2%CO2 gas ambient was 930 and1094 m2g-1, respectively. Larger SSA of carbonization in N2/2%CO2 gas ambient is due to the reaction between CO2 gas and thecarbon content in TS during pyrolysis. This can increase pores and widen the pore size in ACs. Finally, the EFBA is more efficient inincreasing the SSA up to 30% compared to the CCA with the same process conditions.

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